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At Trischuk Dental Clinic, we provide a variety of cosmetic dentistry options for people looking to enhance their smile or for people that need restorative measures taken to improve their oral health. Whether you’re looking at having your teeth whitened or getting veneers in the Yorkton area, we can help you achieve your individual smile goals. If you have missing teeth, chipped teeth, or a discoloured tooth you want to fix, we can help through the following treatment options:

Cosmetic Dentistry
Dental bridges
Dental crowns
Teeth whitening
And more

Our dentist and clinic staff strive to make your experience as relaxing as possible, especially when undergoing more invasive procedures. With our CEREC systems, we are also able to provide cosmetic dental procedures faster than before, reducing the number of appointments needed. We give you all the information you need to make a decision and what is best for your individual situation. Contact Trischuk Dental Clinic to book an appointment for a consultation.

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